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Who We Are?

While pursuing their super specialization in the field of Ophthalmology, two fellowship students realized that even though their field of super specialization was different ( Cataract and Glaucoma for one and Vitreo-Retinal Surgery for the other) and they had somewhat different way of looking at things, they still carried on nicely as room partners in the institution they were in for superspecialisation. Later, as they started their separate careers in eye care field, they realized very soon that they appeared to be incomplete without complementary skill and attitude of the other. That realization resulted in germination of idea of a partnership firm. Dr. Anupam Purwar and Dr. Rajesh Sahay thus created their partnership firm by name LUCKNOW EYE CENTRE with head Office in Lucknow but no hospital of their own in Lucknow.
The partnership firm was duly set up on 1.4.2007 with initial assets of their eye clinics at their respective places in Gola and Faizabad. The Gola clinic became Gola Eye Hospital and Faizabad clinic became Faizabad Eye Centre, both as units of Umbrella organization LUCKNOW EYE CENTRE. Soon a unit by name Sudama Devi Memorial Hospital opened in Patna as associate unit of LEC. Within two years, firm won contract to run Eye Department of Shekhar Hospital in Indira Nagar in Lucknow. Later on, as time came to end the contract at Shekhar Hospital, a much more prestigious assignment came the way of firm in the form of contract to run Eye Department of SAHARA HOSPITAL, the best medical hospital in Lucknow till now.

As firm grew, the need to have its own Eye Care facility in Lucknow with aim of providing COMPLETE EYE CARE UNDER ONE ROOF and also CATERING TO THE NEEDS OF WEAKER SECTIONS OF SOCIETY was felt by LEC management. The result was the establishment of Lucknow Eye Centre, Lucknow which got CMO approval in July 2015. Thus at present we have following units & association:

  1. Lucknow Eye Centre, Lucknow
  2. Gola Eye Hospital, Gola
  3. Faizabad Eye Centre, Faizabad
  4. Vision Center, Palia

Lucknow Eye Centre Association

  1. Sudamadevi Memorial Eye Hospital, Patna
  2. Nav Jyoti Eye Hospital, Gorakhpur
  3. Sahara Hospital, Gomtinagar, Luknow

Location of Central Facility at Lucknow

Lucknow was seeing the vast areas on south east side of Lucknow Being developed into the biggest single colony in Lucknow so far, the Vrindavan Yojna. LUCKNOW EYE CENTRE purchased a nursing home plot in this colony and decided to set up its first Eye Hospital of its own in Lucknow after having earned name not only in its other centres but through Hospitals with which it had contractual arrangements. Given below is the location map of hospital. The well maintained Kalindi park where citizens from almost all sectors of Vrindavan colony arrive is the nearest land mark. Rear entrance of park is 30 metres from Lucknow Eye Centre Lucknow.

Retina Specialist

Dr. Rajesh Sahay is a retina specialist practicing in Lucknow region, Uttar Pradesh, India. Focused on the diagnosis, management and treatment of conditions involving the retina, macula and vitreous.

Ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist

Comprehensive ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist. A very competent and meticulous surgeon performs difficult surgeries with ease. He makes the use of best technology in the interest of patients.


• Graduation: MBBS, University of Calcutta • Diploma in Ophthalmology- University of Calcutta • Degree in Ophthalmology (BSc)- University of Calcutta • Fellowship Lasers in Diabetic Retinopathy- Aravind Eye Hospital & post graduate Institute of Ophthalmology.